Emotional Intelligence Test

 Emotional intelligence testing for people serious about building powerful, persuasive and empathetic relationships and leadership skills.

A unique EQ test for building communication skills and relationships.

In just 15 minutes you're ready to receive a profound hand-analysed emotional intelligence test profile.  This EQ test will free up your potential to succeed and engage like no other on-line personal assessment.

Advanced Relationship Test online EQ test

Career Help

Your IQ, CV, academic and work achievements can get you in the door; but you'll need high Social Emotional Intelligence (Social EQ) to gain the respect, promotion and ultimately the success you want.  Having a high IQ may impress but won't increase your fulfilment and success like your relationship building or social skills.   Use your on-line A.R.T. profile as a map to identify and navigate your opportunities and pitfalls.  Together let's raise your sights to confidently shape your career and bring into sharp focus the future you deserve.

Leadership and Influencing skills

The Advanced Relationship Test helps define and shape your unique leadership style.  Much more than a powerful management tool, this on-line EQ profile reveals your innate leadership and influencing qualities and uncovers where you hold yourself back. Work with us to reveal your hidden potential to communicate and empower others through advanced social skills. Allow A.R.T. profiling to unlock your leadership success.

On-line emotional intelligence assessment that builds leadership, communication, engagement & influencing skills

Engaging leadership with social emotional intelligence skills

Working Relationships

Want to work more effectively with others and build better working relationships? Social and communication skills for engaging and managing your colleagues and boss are critical qualities to master in order to succeed and be happy at work. Developing more advanced relationship skills helps you engage more effectively at work and both mitigate and deal with conflict.  Gain political perspective and master winning behaviours with colleagues - you'll work-smarter and achieve more.

Family & Parenting Skills

It's easy to get out of balance. Is it time to take stock and attend to what's most important? We all need a little heads up sometimes, be it to (re-)create intimacy, navigate those tricky conversations or address issues or behaviours that have been concerning you. Whether it's bringing out your natural parenting style or learning to express empathy within firm boundaries, we'll help you transform your closest relationships through this profound profile.

On-line social emotional intelligence (EQ) test, The A.R.T., builds powerful empathetic parenting and nurturing skills

Online social emotional intelligence (EQ) assessment that builds close friendships - Fundamental to happiness and wellbeing


We live in an increasingly fast paced,  demanding and complex world. Strong and rewarding relationships are one of the greatest sources of nourishment to us and hugely impact both our happiness and well-being.  The A.R.T. is a barometer of your personal and social skills and will help you build a road-map to develop and sustain friendships.  You'll notice the difference, fast and so will others.

Emotional Intelligence Mastery Programme

£1175 + 20% VAT /Two Assessments - Reveal overall & social emotional intelligence

2 EQ Tests - EQ-i 2.0 & Advanced Relationship Test

  • Receive pre-coaching needs analysis (30 mins)
  • Take 2 insightful EQ assessments - overall EQ and social skills
  • We personally analyse your scores, EQ dynamics
  • Uncover overall EQ scores in 15 areas
  • Uncover detailed social EQ scores in 18 areas
  • Receive handwritten analysis, profiles & winning formula recommendations
  • Receive EQ coaching session (90 mins) (see T's & C's)
  • Create motivational development plan with TIPS & Techniques to progress

Uncover Your EQ with The EQ-i 2.0

£695.00 + 20% VAT /Overal Emotional Intelligence (EQ) Test with in-depth analysis

Take the EQ-i 2.0 with EQ analysis & Profile

  • Receive pre-coaching needs analysis (30 mins)
  • Take EQ-i 2.0 assessment
  • We personally analyse your scores, EQ dynamics
  • Receive scores & detailed analysis
  • Receive 'Winning Formula' recommendations & hard copy profile
  • Receive EQ coaching session (60 mins) - note T&C's
  • Receive detailed development plan, TIPS & techniques to progress

What’s your EQ?

£450 + 20% VAT /Emotional Intelligence Test (EQ-i 2.0 or A.R.T.)

EQ-i 2.0 or A.R.T.

  • Take either overall EQ or Social EQ assessment
  • Receive personal analyse of EQ scores
  • Uncover your detailed EQ or Social EQ scores
  • Receive detailed EQ analysis, understanding of your EQ dynamics
  • Receive 'Winning Formula' recommendations, soft copy EQ profile
  • Receive 30 minutes Zoom/Teams/ phone EQ coaching (t's & c's apply)