Phillip Gimmack - Emotional Intelligence Coach
The Advanced Relationship Test (A.R.T. ©), emotional intelligence testing tool was created by Emotional Intelligence coach Philip Gimmack. He uses A.R.T. training and coaching as a profound way to build engagement, resilience and leadership skills. Because of this Philip is very much at the forefront of testing and improving emotional intelligence for organisational and personal success.

Philip Gimmack -Emotional Intelligence specialist

Philip's career started in change management in the early 90s. Realising that the real answers to performance lay with 'people-change', rather than systems and processes, he now focuses on people performance - through ‘behaviour-change’ using Emotional intelligence coaching and training. He founded the London Coaching Circle in 2002 to help support the UK's coaching industry thrive and is now CEO of EQ specialist’s EQworks.

Mission using Emotional Intelligence

Philip’s mission is to build high EQ lives and workplaces as the norm; to increase the long-term effectiveness and fulfilment of his clients and society as a whole. Ever mindful of limited resources he takes a pragmatic approach to provide maximum benefits and flexibility by utilising a blended approach - e-learning, email, web conference and Skype communication. His clients range from FTS250 firms, public and third sector bodies and range from Board Directors to front line staff.

Executive Coaching with a difference

Philip has lectured and coached thousands on emotional intelligence over the past 10 years. His significant experience led him to develop the revolutionary Advanced Relationship Test (A.R.T.) profiling tool. This allows anyone to test their social-emotional intelligence simply by completing an on-line questionnaire. He prides himself on the accuracy and effectiveness of this tool to bring about powerful results. The A.R.T © is a personally analysed and hand written profile showing exactly where someone’s relationship strengths and weaknesses are and tells people exactly how to improve them. There is no other tool like it. It is very much designed to provide feedback on how to manage a myriad of relationships including friendships and parenting as well as being a powerful driver for leadership and management at work.
Philip is a certified NLP Psychotherapist, executive coach and mentor. He is certified to test and build people’s wellbeing and emotional and social-emotional intelligence.