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Terms and Conditions

These Terms and Conditions will apply to: (A) Your use of The A.R.T. assessment,  (B) this website (C) Our Supply Of Products And Services and (D) Our Contact With You.

Terms and Conditions of use of;

(A) The A.R.T. (of Empathy) - Advanced Relationship Test - assessment tool

terms used; respondent - someone who undertakes an assessment

This assessment seeks to raise awareness of a major area of emotional intelligence – social and relationship aspects (this site explains emotional intelligence and the A.R.T. model in detail). It does not warrant to assess anything else and nor does it attempt to define someone or their abilities or skills in an absolute manner. As a psychometric assessment it is open to variability because of various reasons including the respondent's mood, time when it’s taken, what is currently going on for someone and the approach taken at the time and is open to interpretation. The results and any analysis therefore must be taken as only one part of a larger picture to obtain useful information and support to help develop and learn about relationship skills and social situations. No psychometric assessment is 100% accurate.

All information should be questioned and respondents preferably coached around to support its veracity and the respondent in their taking and understanding of it.

Current suitability to take the A.R.T:

If a respondent believes they are feeling vulnerable, have a recent or notable history of mental illness of any kind or are emotionally under strain or significant issues then it may not serve them best to take and use this assessment at the present time.

If they are in any doubt whatsoever they should please contact the test distributor immediately ( UK - +44 208 455 6575) and before taking the A.R.T or contact the person administering this assessment for further guidance and possibly support.

Such contact and conversations with the test owner will be in the strictest of confidence and no information shared. Support is an important part of taking any psychometric assessment. We want to support and help not create uncertainty or doubt.

In the very least please be aware that this is an assessment not a test as such (like all psychometrics). There are no right or wrong answers. It is here to help focus attention on what might prove to be useful development areas. Hence it is recommended that anyone who undertakes this assessment should be offered support at taking it, in answering relevant questions before or after and also offered coaching around their results and any analysis.

As such if administrators feel there are unusual answering patterns or styles, once taken, then they may contact the respondent to ask if they wish to take the assessments again or if they fall into any one of the areas noted in suitability area above may be guided to not take the A.R.T at this time.

Please note that The A.R.T. designers, owners, their clients nor administrators of the A.R.T.  have any liability whatsoever for any issue around taking of the A.R.T. We believe that informing and supporting people before is where we can help most in assessing suitability so please allow us to by contacting us if you have any issues whatsoever before taking the A.R.T.


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